Hickory Grove Lutheran Church

Hickory Grove Lutheran ChurchWelcome to the Hickory Grove Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

We invite you to join us for regular Sunday worship at 9 a.m. or at any of our special worship services during the year. Our church is located in the beautiful countryside of southwestern Wisconsin on Grant County Highway T, six miles south of Boscobel, WI and eight miles north of Fennimore, WI.

Hickory Grove Lutheran is a small group of Christ-centered, Bible-believing Christians. By virtue of its size, the beautiful historic country church is a very warm and welcoming place. We see ourselves as a Christian family. We want all who attend worship services to feel “at home.” If you desire  the comfort and support of a Christian family and appreciate hearing a simple, unadulterated presentation of God’s Word from our pastor, then you should visit Hickory Grove Lutheran Church.